Botox 100IU Cosmetic

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Botox 100IU Cosmetic

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Botox Cosmetic is a neuromuscular paralytic agent that is developed and manufactured by Allergan, a world-famous pharmaceutical company. It is the well-known brand in this industry that provides high-quality dermal fillers products. They perform business operations in over 100 countries all over the world.

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Natural Botox or Clostridium botulinum (Botox bacteria) could be found in some mammals tissues or in particular places like special forests or lakes. This extremely potent neurotoxin is extracted via dialysis from Clostridium Botulinum Type A (onabotulinumtoxinA), and then purified through a series of acid precipitations. After all these procedures, the injectable substance is almost ready for usage. It contains the extensively purified toxin and excipients like human serum albumin and sodium chloride. Botox injections temporarily paralyze the facial muscles and work as prevention from deep wrinkles, furrows and folds, crow’s feet and other skin imperfections.

Who Can Use Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic is a major brand of Botulinum Toxin. The drug is designed to eliminate unattractive facial lines i.e. glabellar lines, lateral canthal lines, and forehead lines caused by dynamic muscle contractions. Since the toxin is sourced from bacterial fermentation, patients who are allergic to animal-based medical products can safely receive botulinum toxin injections. As well, the temporary effects are perfect for patients who want a non-permanent solution to their dermal concerns. This non-surgical treatment option is also ideal for patients who prefer non-invasive cosmetic procedures with minimal downtime.

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